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Welcome to CMM Online sales

When we started the business our aims were simple and very clear – We wanted all of our customers to be 100% happy with the products they purchased from us. We wanted to supply new, innovative and quality products and we wanted to provide these products at the most reasonable prices possible. We think it’s happening, so now we want to make sure EVERYONE has the message:

We offer all of our customers a FANTASTIC service, delivering reliability, great products and a no quibble guarantee – if you’re not 100% satisfied with any of the products you’ve purchased from us, you’ll receive a full refund or replacement. That’s the CMM Online Sales promise and by doing this we hope that ALL of our customers will be HAPPY!

We work closely with all of our suppliers and manufacturers to ensure that at every stage of production, quality control is maintained. The e-retail World has seen extraordinary growth over recent years and we believe will continue to do so with the main beneficiaries being YOU- the consumer.

For any business to be successful you, the purchaser must have total confidence in the goods you select on line and as importantly, confidence in the company you are purchasing from. By placing any order through CMM Online Sales  you can be assured of the quality of goods and reliability of customer service – that’s our guarantee.

We have launched 5 new products in the past 4 months are currently planning more launches for early 2017. We are now 20 months in and our journey has begun, we hope that you’ll share the rest of the trip with us.