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New model added to the MEAT HEAT range

After just 9 months of the launch in the USA, the MET 700 all-in-one thermometer timer exceeded all expectations and has now been re-stocked several times. In early January, the DT 0160 model followed and was launched in the USA- both available exclusively through Amazon. In the UK,  we launched both models, the MET 700 in September and the DT0160 also in early January and both are already show...
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Download your FREE Marinade recipes here

CLICK HERE FOR YOUR MARINADE RECIPES Try out some new ideas with these tasty marinades compiled for you by CMM . Perfect for the BBQ and for grilled and roasted meats in the oven. BBQ season will - hopefully - be on us before we know it and some fresh ideas are always welcome The Meat thermometer timer is a small unit that can be attached to an oven or BBQ using the small magnets on the rear...
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Further tips for safe cooking of meat and poultry

It is well known that protein is a requirement in the human diet and that one of the major sources of this is through eating meat, poultry, and seafood. However meat, poultry and fish can also be an ideal environment for some harmful bacteria. There are many precautions that can be taken to ensure that the storage, handling and cooking of meats and fish are done to maximum safety levels. Reaching ...
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Tips for cooking safely with the meat thermometer

The cooking of meats, poultry and fish can be a minefield for those concerned about food safety and the desire to ensure that no bacterial infections are contracted through under cooked meat. The best type of thermometer to use is one with a meat probe attached that can be left in for the duration of the cooking time. The advantage to the thermometer is that it has a steel cable attached to the...
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How to get free shipping on Amazon.com

Free shipping can be a very important consideration when making any purchase over the internet and there are ways to achieve this when buying through Amazon.com.   Martin Chick, Managing Director of CMM Online Sales said " we would like our customers to have a positive buying experience and they will always feel they get a better deal if they can save on postage"   Amazon.com...
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Thermometer timer on location

Thermometer timer on location   Martin Chick, The Managing Director of CMM Online Sales who produce the thermometer timer, took it out on location to meet up with Ian Neale who is the very talented young Head Chef at The Red Lion Pub http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFBd1VPV2iiF5kVix0ZDV5g. The Red Lion is a quintessentially English pub in a peaceful rural location in Oxfordshire. The Re...
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Thermometer timer on sale at Amazon. Com

The wait is over - CMM Online Sales have announced that the Meat Heat kitchen thermometer timer is now on sale and will be available exclusively through Amazon.com.   The brand owners claim that this easy to use, accurate device will allow all the guess work to be taken out of cooking whenever it is being used correctly. It allows peace of mind that foods will be cooked thoroughly and t...
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