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Download your FREE Marinade recipes here


Try out some new ideas with these tasty marinades compiled for you by CMM . Perfect for the BBQ and for grilled and roasted meats in the oven. BBQ season will – hopefully – be on us before we know it and some fresh ideas are always welcome

The Meat thermometer timer is a small unit that can be attached to an oven or BBQ using the small magnets on the rear. The meat probe which is attached to a steel mesh cable measuring over 3 feet long can be left in a joint of meat for the duration of the cooking time. Smaller cuts or joints which cook more quickly can have an instant read measurement on the appearance of being cooked as the digital reading is fast and accurate.

Don’t forget that the Meat thermometer also has a temperature alarm setting in order for the unit to be programmed for an alert to sound once the desired temperature has been reached. In this way the BBQ or home cook can rest assured that while the meat or poultry will not be under cooked, neither will it be overcooked resulting in dry, tough meat.