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How to get free shipping on Amazon.com

amazonFree shipping can be a very important consideration when making any purchase over the internet and there are ways to achieve this when buying through Amazon.com.


Martin Chick, Managing Director of CMM Online Sales said ” we would like our customers to have a positive buying experience and they will always feel they get a better deal if they can save on postage”


Amazon.com offers free postage on items over the value of $35 and while the thermometer timer which is currently being sold at a discount, comes in at less than this price, it is well be worth sharing an order with a friend who is interested in the same purchase or alternatively buying a second thermometer timer as a handy present for a friend or family member. Another idea would be to have a second unit as standby should there are multiple meats being cooked at the same time, particularly in BBQ season when indoor and outdoor cooking may be taking place simultaneously .


The makers claim that the true beauty of this product is its versatility and handiness, both in the kitchen and on the BBQ in the garden. It is small but accurate and should be considered a bonus in the kitchen.


The timer can be set to audible alert to indicate when the meat in the oven or on the BBQ is properly cooked and as the probe has a long 3 foot cable it can be left in the meat for the duration of the cooking process.