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DT-160 Probe Thermometer

Digital Kitchen thermometer with high grade stainless steel, foldout probe. Easy to use and store. The “Meat Heat” DT0160 in white. Temperature readings displayed in C° or F° on large LCD screen. Built in alarm. Batteries are included.

  • White Meat Thermometer probe – DT 0160
  • Large screen instant read digital thermometer with a stainless steel probe
  • Use for grilling, baking, BBQ’s and roasting meats.
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By Alice on 10 Jan. 2016 Verified Purchase
Great product! I’m always nervous about under or over cooking meat (especially roasts) but I used this on roast beef and it did the job perfectly. It’s also really easy to use and the fold away probe means its compact and easy to store. I’ll definitely be cooking more roasts now I own this and it’ll definitely come in handy for BBQs in the summer – highly recommended!

I had purchased CMM’s Digital Meat Thermometer with Stainless Steel Probe on Braided Steel Cable and was very thrilled with it as it gave such an accurate reading for our Christmas roast cooking. That was amazingly easy to use.

In return for an honest review, CMM sent me this Digital Kitchen meat thermometer to try. I thought, OK… but it will be a while before I am BBQ-ing in this weather. However, last Sunday I made a huge meatloaf… about 3kg! We had a crowd to feed and I worried about it being cooked properly all over. My worries were it either drying out from longer cooking, or to prevent that, adding too much liquid which makes it taste stewed. So I thought…aha… I have my new meat thermometer, perhaps that will help.

Sure enough…l after the initial 40 mins, I started inserting the probe all over the meatloaf and found the areas that needed more cooking, and those that were actually done. It reads so fast and easy peasy to use. This was a huge help. I simply covered the ends with foil, and left the middle uncovered, but basted it with some of the juices about every 10 mins till the next test with the probe which told me it was ready! The reading is instantaneous, much faster than the old fashion kind of meat thermometer, and it reads perfectly even when you move the food up onto the safety of the hob to check vs doing it kneeling down in front of the oven rack half pulled out of the oven (not good, but how I used to use the old fashioned kind).

For this item, the device was better than using my Braided Steel Cable one that sits on the counter as I needed to move it around the meatloaf several times quickly, and did not need to set it for timed temperature as for a roast. So it will definitely do the job when I fire up the BBQ. I am confident it will read accurately and quickly, two important requirements when you are worried about food safety and serving properly cooked meat.

I also tried it on my salmon steak fillets which I oven cook from frozen and which can easily dry out. Some foods won’t hold a probe properly for the entire cooking time. Again, I knew the temperature to aim for, and this time my fish was piping hot, but not dry at all. I will have to try this on other frozen foods that I worry about over-cooking.

Lastly, to just test the accuracy and because I was curious and am easily amused, I tried it on me. In Fht, it read 97 after being under my tongue for just 5 secs! So it is a very accurate kitchen tool and will get good use….erm in the kitchen. Oh, maybe I will use it to test the soil temp when I start germinating my seeds. 😉