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New model added to the MEAT HEAT range

newAfter just 9 months of the launch in the USA, the MET 700 all-in-one thermometer timer exceeded all expectations and has now been re-stocked several times. In early January, the DT 0160 model followed and was launched in the USA- both available exclusively through Amazon.

In the UK,  we launched both models, the MET 700 in September and the DT0160 also in early January and both are already showing fantastic sales results.

Martin Chick, Managing Director of CMM Online Sales said ” As a result of some fantastic sales, particularly over the Christmas period, stock sold very quickly and definitely exceeded our expectations!

Both meat thermometers are very useful for anyone who enjoys cooking or baking. Accurate kitchen thermometers are essential and with the added benefit of both units having a probe which can be inserted into any meat, poultry or baking whilst being cooked to check core temperatures and the MET 700 probe can be left in for the duration of the cooking time because of it’s braided steel mesh cable.

Both units have temperature alarms which can be set to alert the cook once the correct temperature has been reached. The MET 700 has handy magnets on the back of the unit allow the timer to be stuck to the oven during cooking which keeps it off the work surfaces while the cook is busy preparing all the other dishes in the kitchen and keeps it just where it is needed. The DT 0160 has a safe ‘fold-out’ probe which makes storage extremely easy.

CMM Online Sales will continue to expand their range and if replacement probes are required because of accidental damage, no problem, these are available NOW in both the USA and the UK