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Mother & Baby Nursing/Play Pillow

Over the Rainbow 4 in 1 Baby Safe Nursing Pillow “Jungle Fun” Print Fabric

  • This is a great 4 in 1 Baby Safe Nursing Baby Pillow with a removable washable cover and FREE mini pillow
  • Use as a breast feeding aid to support your baby in the most comfortable position and to the correct height. The small pillow allows you to add additional height and support for your new-born baby
  • A unique baby harness safely supports baby in the center of the pillow and prevents them from slipping down. This is secured in place by Velcro on the underside and is adjustable. It can be folded out of the way when not required
  • Use the pillow for Tummy Time to allow your baby to develop neck and head strength and gain better head control while still being safely enclosed within the soft pillow
  • Support your baby while they learn to sit independently. Babies start to learn to sit once they have sufficient back and neck strength, usually around the age of 4 months on wards. The pillow provides a safe environment to learn to sit.

UPDATE: November 2016: Since launching just 6  months ago this product has been HUGELY successful. We have now introduced several new fabrics – a Sheep design (base colour Blue), Teddy and Rocking Horse (base colour cream), Colourful Umbrellas (base colour cream) and a Chick fabric (base colour pink – this will be available from December 2016)



5.0 out of 5 stars Very helpful pillow in breastfeeding

on 3 September 2016
it is really helpful for my breastfeeding.. the small pillow is extremely useful in positioning the bsby right. Highly recommend this nursing pillow!
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on 2 September 2016
Excellent product. I love the fact that it has multiple uses and can be used over a long period of time. Great value for money and my little boy (8 weeks old) loves it!
on 1 September 2016
Very useful item
on 18 August 2016
Great pillow, liked by both mother and baby!
on 13 August 2016
A good nursing pillow…..
on 12 August 2016
This baby support cushion is lovely, it was a gift for a newborn and it make mums job of feeding so comfortable, it’s well made and arrived fast.
5.0 out of 5 stars – Awesome
15 April 2016
Amazing product. Highly recommended!